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Today’s market rewards those companies that succeed in making sound management decisions, in charting their company into new and fruitful markets, all while controlling costs and risks. Companies that know how to make use of the best of other companies are the most likely to maximize their success in the marketplace. ELR Consulting is positioned to assist our clients in their managerial, technical and engineering staffing needs, providing a responsive and cost competitive solution to specialty and short-term staffing needs. Our approach is to provide the right person(s), at the right time, for the right amount of time, and at the right price.

Specialty and Technical Staff Services

The principals for ELR Consulting bring more than 50 years of collective experience in providing specialty and technical staff services to our clients. While this service was performed prior to formation of ELR Consulting, the experience, contacts, and resume database have all been proven to be successful in supporting our client’s needs. These needs include engineering and scientific services for specialty services. For instance, support for nuclear waste processing in the areas of flammability, organic contamination, explosive concerns, sampling etc., have been handled through personnel managing ELR Consulting. In addition, support for hydroelectric facility modifications for power generation, life extension, and improvements for fish recovery, etc.; for information management including records management, document control, data management, paralegal services, etc.; and emergency preparedness for federal agencies have been supported by ELR Consulting management. More recently, ELR Consulting management has been successful in supporting other small businesses [8(a) HUBZone) in winning staff support contracts that includes operational readiness review services, engineering support services, and technical staffing for a large international operations/engineering firm. ELR Consulting has an extensive resume database that is focused on Idaho/Washington/Oregon that also includes resources from throughout the nation. In addition, ELR Consulting has personal and professional relationships with businesses throughout the nation, allowing us to meet our client’s needs far and wide.

Project Management Services

ELR Consulting management, staff, and associates have extensive and diverse experience in managing commercial industrial, commercial nuclear, and government nuclear projects. Project management includes experience as a member of the client’s organization and in some instances as an embedded subcontractor to the client. Types of project management services performed includes:

  • Development of information management systems
  • Development and conduct of training programs
  • Design of equipment for irradiation services, including startup and testing
  • Construction and equipment procurement for remotely operated neutron radiography systems for an Air Force client
  • Prototype nuclear waste grout treatment facility, design, startup and testing
  • Design of instrument controls systems for commercial nuclear clients
  • Design, instrument specification development of heat balance equipment, pumps, engines, and remote control systems
  • As-build design reconstitution for government nuclear waste storage facilities
  • Emergency preparedness program development and implementation
Quality Assurance/Headspace Gas Sampling Analysis

ELR Consulting brings to our client’s experience in developing quality assurance (QA) programs, plans, and procedures that satisfy the requirements of ASME NQA-1, ISO9000, and ISO14000. In addition, ELR Consulting management, staff, and associates have experience in training client personnel to qualify as Lead Auditors to self perform client audits. We are also fully prepared to serve as Lead Auditors and/or as members of the client’s audit team(s) to conduct audits or surveillances to the applicable QA requirements. Our personnel have experience in writing audit plans, in conducting audit kick-off and exit meetings, and in writing final audit reports. We can also follow up to support closure of audit/surveillance finds/observations depending on our client’s preferences. We have qualified QA personnel located throughout the United States, allowing us to effectively meet our client schedule and cost needs. ELR Consulting, Inc. has 10 Headspace Gas Sampling Analysis Professionals performing sampling analysis for the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant at the Idaho National Laboratory site. We support the disposal of nuclear contaminated waste to the Waste Isolation Pilot Project, Carlsbad, New Mexico by performing critical analysis of waste contents that includes more than 33 compounds.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems Services

ELR Consulting, Inc. has supported commercial and municipal clients in the implementation, maintenance and operations of SCADA systems. Currently we are supporting the City of Richland, Washington providing these same services for City systems.

Training Services

Many of ELR Consulting staff and associates bring training experience to the Company and our clients. This includes:

  • Development of training programs including syllabus, lesson plans, tests, and other training aids
  • Conduct of training in:
    • QA
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Safeguards & Security
    • Root cause analysis
    • Health & safety programs
  • Management of training and training programs
  Industrial Safety  

ELR Consulting has a contingent of Industrial Safety Professionals that collectively bring more than 120 years of industrial safety experience in the industrial, commercial nuclear, and government business sectors. Our Industrial Safety Professionals have experience in developing safety programs, writing safety plans and procedures, in conducting safety surveillances and audits, and in conducting field verification of safety program implementation, compliance, and effectiveness. We have personnel with industrial hygiene (some certified) experience, fire protection, lock & tag, and field implementation of safety practices and procedures.

  Environmental Compliance  

We have more than 12 environmental compliance professionals with 8 providing review of Northwest facilities to determine environmental liability for RCRA, TSCA, CCA, and other regulatory requirements.

  Construction Management Services  
Construction management is a logical growth and extension of our Project Management and Environmental Compliances Services. As a construction management firm, we provide project managers, estimators, contract specialists, document control specialists, etc., for projects requiring construction management services. ELR Consulting, Inc. may serve as the prime contractor for this service or as a key subcontractor to provide these services. Typical projects include facility maintenance and upgrades, security system upgrades, and governmental construction projects.
Laboratory Services
ELR Consulting, Inc. brings laboratory management services to our clients environmental and nuclear waste needs. This includes oversight of laboratory operations and services, staffing of scientists to perform laboratory services, and quality assurance support of laboratory operations and performance. We have experienced laboratory managers and staff available to support your laboratory needs.
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